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Rising Stars Shine on the Global Stage!

Nepean Ducks' Rising Stars Shine on the Global Stage at the 2024 IFAF World Junior Championship! In a testament to their skill and dedication, three standout athletes from the Nepean Ducks' Colts U19 team have been selected to represent the Australian National Team, the Outback, at the 2024 IFAF World Junior Championships.

This prestigious international tournament, set in the vibrant cities of Edmonton, Alberta, will see our local heroes, Jayden Wallace, BJ Ruapuna, and Josiah Ishak, compete against the world's best in American football.

Meet Our International Representatives:

- Jayden Wallace, Wide Receiver: Known for his agility and precise route running, Jayden has been a crucial player for the Ducks, significantly contributing to our victory in the State Championship last season.

His ability to make pivotal catches in critical moments has earned him a well-deserved spot on the national team.

- BJ Ruapuna, Defensive Line: BJs intimidating presence on the field and his knack for disrupting opposition plays were instrumental in our defensive strategy.

His performance has not only led to team success but now to an opportunity to showcase his skills on an international level.

- Josiah Ishak, Offensive Line: The backbone of our offensive line, Josiah's robust protection skills and blocking techniques have paved the way for our runners and passers to excel.

His selection is a testament to the critical role he plays in the trenches.

The Stage: 2024 IFAF World Junior Championship

The competition will take place at Clarke Stadium and Commonwealth Stadium, with the latter being the home of the Canadian Football League’s Edmonton Elks. This global platform offers our players not just the chance to represent Australia but also to catch the eyes of scouts from American colleges, potentially opening doors to international scholarships and professional careers. Continuing a Legacy

The selection of Jayden, BJ, and Josiah continues the Nepean Ducks' tradition of producing top-tier talent capable of competing internationally. Their selection speaks volumes about the quality of training and the competitive spirit fostered at our club. It also highlights the potential pathways our players can pursue, from national representation to securing opportunities in American colleges. Join the Ducks and Reach for the Stars!

Inspired by our players' international journey? This could be you! The Nepean Ducks are looking for passionate individuals to join our 2024 teams. Whether you dream of playing at the state level or aspire to wear the national colors, the Ducks provide a nurturing environment to help you achieve your goals. CONTACT US TODAY!


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