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Nepean Ducks Win 2023 State Championship!

In a thrilling state championship showdown, the Nepean Ducks Colts U19 showcased their resilience and skill, ultimately securing a well-deserved victory and claiming the coveted Kookaburra Bowl State Championship title.

The Ducks faced an early challenge as the opposing team, the Northern Sydney Rebels, took an initial 6-0 lead into the first quarter break. Undeterred, the Ducks regrouped and launched a spectacular comeback in the second quarter, narrowing the gap with a brilliant play down the left flank orchestrated by our quarterback.

With halftime looming and the championship slipping away, the Ducks found their stride. Benjamin Robinson delivered a mesmerizing weaving touchdown run, setting the stage for a game-changing moment. Just before halftime, Jayden Wallace powered through from short range, leveling the score and rekindling the Ducks' championship hopes.

The pivotal third quarter saw the Ducks take the lead for the first time. Harry Watson, demonstrating exceptional prowess as a running back, carved through the defense for a crucial touchdown. The lead was further extended with an impressive long throw from our quarterback, resulting in another touchdown for Jayden Wallace.

Despite the Rebels' efforts to close the gap with an excellent aerial catch in the end zone, the Ducks maintained control. In a decisive move in the final quarter, Harry Watson sealed the game with his second touchdown, ensuring that the Kookaburra Bowl would find its home in Penrith.

The Nepean Ducks' journey to victory was marked by tenacity, strategic plays, and an unwavering team spirit.

This triumph in the state championship not only solidifies their status as champions but also underscores the Ducks' commitment to excellence on the football field.


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